Queen of Peace Ministries

Queen of Peace Ministries

Queen of Peace Ministries is a non-profit, tax-exempt lay apostolate established in 1988. Our mission is simply to spread the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Medjugorje in order to stir a response to her urgent call to humanity for prayer, fasting, and conversion to her Son Jesus.

To carry out our mission, Queen of Peace Ministries sponsors various events including a weekly prayer meeting at St. Anthony's Church (South Bend, IN), a Mass each month also at St. Anthony's Church, and the National Marian Conference at Notre Dame.

We also sponsor an ad in the South Bend Tribune, which gives Our Lady's monthly message to over 250,000 people in the area.

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In addition to the conference at the University of Notre Dame, Queen of Peace Ministries spreads Our Lady's messages throughout the year via television and print publications. In the South Bend area, visitors are welcome to attend our monthly Mass and weekly Sunday night prayer meeting.

The events of Medjugorje are under investigation and have not yet received formal approval from the Roman Catholic Church.

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